I’ve been working in web design in some fashion since around 1997. I started by hand coding sites in html and then in Dreamweaver. In 2007, I learned WordPress and I’ve been hooked ever since.¬†Wordpress allows me to create beautiful and dynamic websites. It’s a powerful tool supported by a huge online community, with plugins that make adding calendars, subscriptions, RSS feeds, e-commerce, and many other features easier than ever. WordPress also translates beautifully between different devices, with themes that are responsive and accessible.

In addition to designing websites, I can help you restructure your site and reimagine the content, making it more usable for your customers. I can write copy, edit the copy you already have, take new photos, and even write blog posts for your site. In addition, I am available to manage your website, including analytics, SEO, updates, and backups so that you never have to worry about it.

Here are a few of my recent clients.