I’ve been working in web design in some fashion since around 1997. I started by hand coding sites in html and then in Dreamweaver. In 2007, I learned WordPress and I’ve been hooked ever since. Wordpress allows me to create beautiful and responsive websites that I can teach you how to add to or edit. It’s a powerful tool supported by a huge online community, with plugins that make adding calendars, subscriptions, RSS feeds, e-commerce, and many other features easier than ever. WordPress also translates beautifully between different devices, with themes that are responsive and accessible.

Here are a few of my most recent clients.


This is a website I created for a company in Los Angeles that specializes in film reviews. They have several writers on staff and also do a weekly podcast (Digigods.com) and regularly appear on TV and radio shows to review current films. The site includes several RSS feeds that pull in information such as box office totals, film trailers, and other reviews. This site continues to expand as they discover more features they need, such as an integrated newsletter that will automatically generate from their posts, and advertising.


Divine Laser Studio

This is a website I created for a salon that provides technologically advanced skin rejuvenation treatments in Denver. They needed a site that was clean, simple, and welcoming. Not only did I design the website, but I also did much of the photography and some of the videos, demonstrating their services.


Dream Salvage

This is a website I created for a friend who wanted to start an organization to help people fulfill their creative dreams, whether it be singing, painting, or writing their own rock opera.


Tycoon Ramen & Sushi

This is a site I created for some people I met years ago at my favorite restaurant L’Asie. While they had that restaurant, I designed both their main menu and their takeout menu. They ended up closing that restaurant to spend time with their young children, but years later decided to open a new restaurant, Tycoon Ramen and Sushi. They contacted me to design their logo, menus, and website, as well as photos of some of their most popular dishes. Their restaurant is located in central Denver and I highly recommend it.


Teacher Preparation Analytics

This is a website for an educational nonprofit based out of Washington D.C. I met one of their founding members when I was working for another educational nonprofit. They provide technical assistance and analysis for their clients with regards to teacher preparation programs, and the institutional policies and practices that affect them. Their website is mostly a portal for their services as well as a repository for their research papers.



This is a website I created for Zip37, a co-op art gallery in Denver, when I was a member. The site features the work of the member artists along with a calendar of events and additional information.


Kanon Collective

I’ve been the owner of Kanon Collective, a Denver artist co-op, since 2005. In addition to creating the logo and branding, I’ve designed several versions of our website over the years.


Joyce Martin Art

Because of my connections in the Denver art community, I’ve created websites for many local artists. Joyce Martin is an artist I’ve been working with since around 2001 and this is the most recent version of her website.