Travel Photography

I’m an amateur photographer and have a camera with me pretty much all the time. I love taking trips with my camera. And my dog.


Denver Photography

I have a camera and I love my city.


Product and Food Photography

Over the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience photographing my own artwork, as well as artwork for many of my clients. I also do product photography and have recently gained experience in food photography.


Nature Photography

I love being outside, both in my beautiful state and occasionally in others.


Photo Retouching

I have experience repairing damaged photos and colorizing black and white ones. I’ve also volunteered for several organizations that help people by repairing photos after natural disasters like the tornados in Joplin, MO and hurricanes in the South.


Photo Correction and Repair

The first photo is an historic poster and the final version. I was able to repair the image by using photographs my client had taken of the original, along with some other images that made it possible to recreate the missing pieces. The second photo was a commission that my client wanted repaired for his father.